02 June 2020 / Struans

Wild Camping

If you find someplace nice and would like to spend the night there rather than a campsite our motorhomes are designed so that you can wild camp. There is a leisure battery separate from the engine battery and this runs a 12 volt system to power mainly the lights, water pump and the fans for the heater and it recharges as you drive. The refrigerator, heating and hot water can all be powered by gas when wild camping.

In most places in Scotland you are able to wild camp as long as there a not a sign saying that camping/overnight parking is not allowed, you are not on private land (unless the owner has given permission) and you are not obstructing the road. The main exception to this is in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs area where permits may be required, find out more at http://www.lochlomond-trossachs.org/things-to-do/camping/ .

When wild camping it is vital that you are a responsible camper and are considerate to both the environment and to people who live in the area. Any rubbish must either be left in bins if there are any, or taken away with you and please respect the privacy of any houses and don't park too close to them. We recommend you look at http://www.campa.org.uk/ which gives best practice when wild camping in Scotland.

Additionally the Scottish Outdoor Access Code gives more information about that.

If you would like to spend the night in one of Scotland's glorious forrests then information on car parks you can use can be found at Forestry and Land Scotland

There are a couple of apps you can you use to help you find a nice spot - we have been told that Wild Camping POI is very good though we believe it costs £24.95, or there is the free Park4Night.

If you are planning a holiday wild camping we recommend that after 2 nights you spend a night at a campsite so that you can use their facilities to empty the toilet, fill up with water and ensuring that the battery is fully charged.

Note - when wild camping the microwave (if fitted) will not work and neither will the 240V plug sockets. Some of our vehicles have TV's that can run on 12V however they can drain the battery faster. If you are using heating while wild camping it will only work when the battery is quite well charged so it is important to drive every day to top up the battery.

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