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Hire a Motorhome for a Unique Family Holiday in Scotland

When it comes to family holidays, parents often look to book a holiday abroad for themselves and their kids. After all, who can argue with sun, sea and sand? 

However, could a motorhome hire holiday provide a more rewarding experience for you and your family? Here at Struans, we firmly believe so! Motorhome hire holidays offer a truly unique experience which is bound to bring the whole family closer together. You’ll get back in touch with nature, experience the great outdoors and still have a comfortable, cosy space to bed down for the night.  

Your kids can try their hand at everything from wild camping to outdoor adventure sports, and you’ll have ample opportunity to cook up some delicious feasts on the pull-out BBQ.  

Say goodbye to flight delays, long layovers and kids screaming on the plane. With a motorhome rental, you’ll have everything (and everyone) you need in one convenient location. Your new home on wheels provides a whole new world of adventure for you and your family, gifting them an experience that will last for a lifetime. 

Visit Scotland have an informatve video about motorhoming in Scotland which can be viewed here A Guide To Motorhoming in Scotland - YouTube or if you're looking for a campsite to stay, there are over 2100 listed on https://www.campsites.co.uk/search/motorhome-parks .


The benefits of hiring a motorhome for a family trip 

Hiring a motorhome for a family vacation is becoming more popular amongst families in the UK. Not only are they cheaper than flying abroad and booking a hotel or holiday home, but they offer a truly unique experience that can be enjoyed by all ages, from young toddlers to older adults.  

With a motorhome hire from Struans, the world is literally at your fingertips. You and the family will have the freedom to go wherever you please within the beautiful country of Scotland, all the while remaining comfortable and cosy in the motorhome rental of your choice.  

Some of the main benefits of hiring a motorhome for a family trip are: 

  • Bring the whole family closer together in a comfortable, homely environment 
  • A motorhome hire holiday is cheaper than travelling abroad 
  • Give yourself and your kids a chance to reconnect with nature 
  • Try something fun and different! 
  • The ability to easily travel to new and interesting locations around the UK 
  • A wealth of fun activities for your kids to experience, from visiting local beaches to trying outdoor sports such as cycling or paddleboarding  
  • Less stressful than travelling abroad. No need to worry about passports, flights, airport transfers, COVID restrictions or anything else that comes with travelling  
  • Conveniently cook in your motorhome rental or visit local restaurants and cafes as you travel  
  • Plenty of family-friendly campsites where your kids can play with other children their age and parents can relax 
  • Comfort and entertainment for the kids whilst you’re travelling 
  • Plan a trip that is uniquely yours! The motorhome hire team at Struans is on-hand to help you plan your motorhome trip in Scotland, but the ultimate decision of where you go and what you do is completely up to you and your family.

travel Scotland by motorhome hire

Where to go on your family getaway?

One of the best things about a holiday in a motorhome is the freedom to go wherever you please. Motorhome rentals offer individuals and families the chance to explore hard-to-get-to locations in a relaxed, comfortable environment. 

However, it’s important to take time to plan your motorhome trip before you set off. This is especially true when travelling with younger children.  

Struans’ motorhomes for hire are conveniently based in Perth, giving families the perfect opportunity to travel around the stunning country of Scotland. Scotland is known for its serene natural beauty, with campervan and motorhome holidays becoming increasingly popular year on year.  

Scotland offers a range of driving routes to choose from depending on what you would like to get out of your motorhome holiday. Choose to travel through the Scottish Highlands, where you’ll find dense woodlands, rolling hills, fascinating historic sites and crystal-clear Lochs.  

Another great option when hiring a motorhome in Scotland is to travel to some of the beautiful Scottish islands. Some of the larger, more famous islands such as Skye are fully accessible by land, whereas others will require you to jump on a ferry. The Scottish islands are filled with white sand beaches, rich traditions and friendly locals.  

You can easily include a few choice islands in your motorhome itinerary, especially if you choose to travel along the West Coast of Scotland.  

The East Coast is another scenic location that is very popular with motorhome travellers. After picking up your motorhome from our depot in Perth, you can easily drive to the Kingdom of Fife, where quaint fishing villages, historic castles and beautiful beaches are found in abundance. The East Coast also provides excellent opportunities for cycling and golfing if you are interested in an active motorhome hire holiday.  

family adventures in a motorhome in Scotland

What size of motorhome do you need for a comfortable family vacation? 

Of course, the size of the motorhome you decide to hire will be based on how many people you travel with. Struans offers a variety of motorhomes in 2, 4 and 6 berth sizes, meaning you could conveniently travel as a couple, a small family of three or even a family of five! 

Our 4-Berth motorhome hire with a fixed double bed and additional fold-out double is an excellent choice for a family of four. This motorhome also boasts 4 designated seats to make travelling as comfortable as possible for all the passengers. Plus, if you’re eager to take your beloved family pet on holiday, we also offer a 4-Berth pet-friendly motorhome for hire! 

If your family is bigger or you require additional space whilst travelling, our 6-Berth motorhome may be the perfect option for you. With two double beds and two single bunk beds, this motorhome could comfortably sleep five, and stretch to six, although you may this a bit of a squeeze.  

Many families of four choose our 6-Berth motorhome as it gives extra space within the cabin and allows older children to sleep separately in the bunk beds. We also offer a 6-Berth pet-friendly motorhome rental so that large families can also enjoy the joy of holidaying with their family pets.  

If you would like to discuss your motorhome hire options in more detail, then you can call our rental team directly on 01738 606360. 

Quality motorhome hire in Scotland

Why hire a motorhome in Scotland with Struans? 

So now that you know how special a motorhome hire holiday could be for you and your family, it’s time to assess your motorhome rental options.  

Hiring a motorhome shouldn’t be something you take likely and it’s important to properly research the motorhome hire company that you plan to use. 

Here at Struans Leisure, we boast a fantastic reputation for our motorhome hire services. We only offer the highest quality Sun Living and Elddis motorhomes, all of which come fully equipped with cooking, cleaning, sleeping and living supplies. You’ll also benefit from a range of additional extras, such as Bluetooth connection, TV and DVD entertainment, reversing cameras and air conditioning.  

Our rental rates are reasonably priced and offer great value for money for renting a quality motorhome in Scotland.  

Contact us today to book a viewing or secure your motorhome rental for your next family getaway. 

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