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Best Places in Scotland to Explore by Motorhome


By hiring a motorhome in Scotland, you open yourself up to endless travel opportunities. From the historic city of Edinburgh to Scotland's most remote islands, the world is truly in the palm of your hands with a motorhome.  

This blog details some of the best cities, sights and places to explore in Scotland with a motorhome hire vehicle.

Whether you’re embarking on a solo motorhome journey to reconnect with nature and discover the beautiful country of Scotland, or you and the family are trying your hand at a different type of holiday, we promise you won’t regret travelling Scotland by motorhome.  

So, sit back, take some notes and get yourself prepared for your next big motorhome hire adventure in Scotland with this helpful travel blog from Struans.  


What are the best cities to explore by motorhome in Scotland? 

Despite being a relatively small country, Scotland has a plethora of stunning cities that can easily be explored in your motorhome hire.  

Scotland’s cities are known for being historical and cultural, with beautiful Gothic-style architecture. You’ll also find plenty of great food, modern bars, traditional British pubs and a wide range of fun and exciting leisure activities.  

Below we’ve broken down some of the best cities we recommend exploring whilst travelling Scotland by motorhome. 

motorhome hire in Edinburgh

Motorhome Hire in Edinburgh 

Edinburgh is many people’s first (and sole) stop when visiting Scotland, and in all honesty, who can blame them?  

This charming city is a truly special and unique place. The cobbled stones, medieval Old Town, historic, Gothic buildings and moody demeanor will be sure to steal your heart in no time and leave you pining for a return.  

If you choose to visit Edinburgh whilst travelling by motorhome, we strongly recommend parking your vehicle outside of the city centre, as many roads are closed to cars and navigation can be tricky. Fortunately, Edinburgh is very well connected, with plenty of buses, trams and trains heading into the city centre around the clock.  

Some of the top sights we recommend checking out in Edinburgh include: 

  • The historic Old Town: One of Scotland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you’ll find hidden streets, cobbled stones, and quaint, traditional shops around every corner of the Old Town of Edinburgh.  
  • Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile: Take a wander up the famous Royal Mile before arriving at Edinburgh Castle, the focal point of the city and a must-see for any tourist 
  • The National Museum of Scotland: Full of Scottish and world history, from dinosaurs to space exhibits.  
  • Dean Village: A charming little village hidden just ten minutes' walk from the city centre. 
  • Calton Hill: A historic hill found at the very top of Princes Street. Perfect for sunset viewing 
  • Arthur’s Seat: An extinct volcano that provides stunning views of the city from the top 


Motorhome Hire in Glasgow

Motorhome Hire Glasgow 

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, yet it is often underappreciated by tourists in favor of the capital.  

Despite being a tad grittier than Edinburgh, Glasgow holds its own unique charm. There’s plenty to see and do around Glasgow, and with a rich culture of music and arts, you’ll never be at a loss for fun activities when visiting Glasgow in your motorhome.  

The city is well known for its friendly people. renowned culinary dishes, great shopping, stunning architecture and lively nightlife. You’ll also find a host of green areas and parks around Glasgow, as well as a wealth of excellent pubs, bars and restaurants.  

The city has a small but convenient subway system that allows visitors to explore both the city center and the famous West End all in one day.  

Our top recommendations for anyone visiting Glasgow in their motorhome hire are:  

  • Visit Glasgow University: The word “Hogwarts” is frequently used in conjunction with Glasgow Uni, and once you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why.  
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum: One of the best museums in all of Scotland. It’s well-worth a visit, even just to see the building itself.  
  • Glasgow Botanical Gardens: Also found in the West End, the Glasgow Botanics make for a great family day out.  
  • Buchanan Street: The best street in the city for shopping! 
  • A walk along the Clyde: As a famous port city, The River Clyde has a long history with the people and economic fortunes of Glasgow. 
  • Glasgow Cathedral & The Necropolis: Found towards the East of the city, the Necropolis stands as one of the largest in all of Europe. Full of history and impressive graves, it’s certainly worth a visit, as is St Mungos Cathedral which is found directly next door.  

Visit glasgow university in your motorhome hire


Motorhome hire Perth  

Perth is an often-overlooked city yet it has so much to offer, especially for those travelling by motorhome.  

Not only do you have the beautiful Cairngorms National Park nearby where you’ll find plenty of nature walks, hiking trails and outdoor activities, but the city itself has a historic charm which will be appreciated by both local and international tourists alike.  

Perth is also the perfect starting point for a motorhome holiday in Scotland. From the Struans Leisure motorhome depot, which is conveniently located in Perth, customers can choose to travel East into the Kingdom of Fife, where they’ll be met with quaint fishing villages and historical sites such as St Andrews, or travel in a Northernly direction towards the Scottish Highlands.  

Both are excellent driving routes, with the latter giving motorhome renters the chance to fully explore the East, North and West coast of Scotland before cutting across the central belt to arrive back to Perth.  

No matter which direction you chose to go in, our motorhome team will be happy to guide you and give you our top recommendations for whichever part of the country you choose to visit.  

Call us today on 01738 606360 to hire a motorhome in Perth and experience the wonders that Scotland has to offer.  


Best motorhome driving routes in Scotland 

Now that you have a rough idea of what cities are well worth a visit during your Scotland motorhome hire trip, let's look into some of the best and most popular motorhome driving routes.  

NC500: Scotland’s most popular motorhome route  

We had to mention the NC500. This route is famous throughout Scotland and stands as the most popular motorhome driving route in all of the UK.  

If you choose to drive the NC500 in your motorhome hire, you can conveniently start the route from our depot in Perth. From Perth you can drive your motorhome up the east coast of the country, taking in the coastal sights as you drive.  

You’ll eventually encounter the city of Inverness and enter the Scottish Highlands, where you’ll find nature, castles, Lochs and Munros in abundance. The route takes you to the highest point in mainland Scotland, John O'Groats, before heading back down along the West Coast, where you’ll find remote white sand beaches and hidden gems around every corner.  

Eventually, you’ll come back down into the central belt, where you can check out cities such as Stirling, Glasgow or Edinburgh, if you feel inclined to do so.  

There are plenty of interesting stops to hit along the way, including: 

  • The city of Inverness
  • Applecross  
  • Ullapool  
  • Fort William 
  • Dunrobin Castle 


driving routes in Scotland

Motorhome hire in the North West of Scotland 

The North West of Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful coastlines, beaches and Islands that the UK has to offer. For many, the North West encapsulates Scotland: Rugged, wild, remote, and stunningly beautiful.  

If you choose to spend time in the North West whilst in your motorhome hire, you certainly won’t be short of amazing places to visit. With some of Scotland’s most famous islands just a short ferry ride away, and coastal towns and beaches around every corner, it’s not hard to understand with the North West is so far up on everyone’s itinerary when it comes to motorhome hire holidays in Scotland.  

Some of the best places to visit in your motorhome along the North West of Scotland are: 

  • UNESCO Geopark: Some of Scotland’s most insane landscapes, filled with interesting geology and centuries of heritage. Guided walks & tours are available.
  • Coigach and Assynt: If you’re into hiking, walking or photography, these two peaks are a must-see. They stand as the two most distinctive peaks in Britain and are truly unique. 
  • Eilean Donan Castle. One of Scotland’s most loved castles. Another excellent spot of history buffs and photography lovers.  
  • Sandwood Bay: A beautiful, remote beach that some claim to be the best in the whole of the UK. The beach is flanked by towering cliffs and is owned and protected by the John Muir Trust, which helps keep it in excellent condition.  

There is so much more to do and see along the North West of the Scottish Highlands, and with a motorhome hire from Struans, you’ll have the option to do and see it all at your own leisure.  

motorhome hire in Skye

Explore the Scottish islands in a motorhome hire 

Did you know Scotland has over 900 offshore islands?! 

Now, whilst we aren’t advocating that you visit all of them during your motorhome hire trip in Scotland, there are a few that are certainly worth the trip. 

Some of Scotland's best and most famous islands are found along the West Coast, within the Inner & Outer Hebrides. If you choose to drive along the West Coast (which we definitely recommend doing) then consider checking out some (or all) of the following islands: 

  • The Isle of Skye: Scotland’s most famous island, and for good reason! There a plenty of impressive natural sites along with the rugged landscapes and cliffs that you’d expect of a Northernly Scottish island. 
  • Mull: If you’re looking for picturesque port towns and seaside fishing villages, make Mull a must-stop destination on your motorhome driving route 
  • Isle of Iona: A more remote island but one that is truly breathtaking. Easily accessible from Mull, Iona will give you a true taste of Scottish island life.  
  • Islay: A bit further down the coast from Iona you’ll find the larger island of Islay, where white sand beaches and traditional Scottish hospitality won’t be hard to come by.  

There are many other islands to explore both on the West Coast and on the East and North coasts, the above are just some of the most accessible. And for anyone worrying about taking their motorhome hire on a Ferry, don’t! It’s a seamless transition and is one that many of our clients have done before.  

As with all parts of your trip, the Struans motorhome team will be on-hand to assist you with any issues or problems you may have. We’re only a phone call away at all times! 

If you’re interested in hiring a motorhome to experience the wonders of Scotland for yourself, then please get in touch today to discuss your dates and requirements. We look forward to creating the trip of a lifetime together with a motorhome hire in Scotland.

Whatever part of the country you're looking to stay in, one of the best websites to find a camp site is https://www.campsites.co.uk/search/motorhome-parks .

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