Ten Reasons to choose Struans for Renting

Over the years there have been more and more companies renting motorhomes and maybe you are not sure of which company to use, but here are some reasons to choose Struans :

  1. We are a long established company, with our group having being started in 1979 with motorhome rental added to our business in 2010
  2. We have great value rates without any hidden extras - our motorhomes come with items like a full bottle of gas and spare toilet fluid.
  3. Perth is an ideal starting point for touring Scotland, just choose your road to leave on - the main A9 heading north and south, the A90 heading east and the A85 heading west.
  4. Our car dealerships have award winning levels of service that only a family company can offer and it is the same high standard when renting a motorhome.
  5. Struans are a very financially stable company to deal with. Since April 2019 there have been 3 major motorhome rental companies in Scotland go out of business leaving some customers without a holiday and out of pocket.
  6. Prior to the Covid-19 shutdown we have never cancelled a booking and left a customer without a motorhome.
  7. In normal years we keep a motorhome in reserve in the summer months. It cannot be pre-booked and means we always have a spare one to use in case one is off the road due to an accident etc.
  8. We give the option to reduce your insurance excess down to £250 by paying an additonal £15 per day. Other companies either do not offer this facility or charge a lot more for it.
  9. Our site has loads of parking so that you can leave your car with us and start your holiday straight away.
  10. If you are allergic to dogs then do not worry our standard motorhomes never have pets in them. There are only designated pet friendly motorhomes that are only given to customers with dogs.

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