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Hiring a campervan in Scotland

Campervan Hire Scotland 

Considering renting a campervan in Scotland? You've made a great choice! Scotland is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. Its relatively small size, coupled with its expansive natural areas and winding coastal roads make it perfectly suited for campervan and motorhome travel.  

However, travelling a country by campervan is not always easy. It’s important to be aware of the pitfalls and have a clear idea of what you will face during your campervan trip.  

Campervan hire in Scotland offers individuals, couples and families (plus pets!) the trip of a lifetime, but before you set off take time to plan your route and familiarise yourself with the pros and cons of campervan travel.  


To help our customers, Struans Leisure has used all of our campervanning experience to put together this helpful guide on buying and renting a campervan in Scotland. Read on to find out everything to need to know about campervan travel in Scotland.  


Campervan hire Scotland: What to expect? 

Campervan hire in Scotland offers so much. From remote, white-sand beaches to rolling hills and dense forests, nature lovers are in for a real treat when travelling Scotland by campervan or by motorhome. 

But campervan hire in Scotland comes with its challenges. The Scottish weather, even in the summer, can be highly unpredictable. Of course, you will have your cosy, seal-proof campervan to bunk down in if the rain begins to fall, but it’s important to be aware that sun is never guaranteed in Scotland... 

Another point to consider is the roads. Scottish roads offer breathtaking scenery all across the country, but it’s not uncommon to encounter small country lanes or tricky winding roads that can be difficult to manoeuvre in a large campervan or motorhome. It is imperative that the driver feels confident and comfortable when operating the vehicle before setting off.  

At Struans Leisure, our experienced team provide full walkthroughs and test drives for all our available campervans for hire, helping make sure that every customer feels confident before they set off on the trip of a lifetime.   

Overall, the most important points to carefully consider when hiring a campervan in Scotland are: 

  • The weather! Are you prepared for all (and we mean all) weather conditions? 

  • Driving ability. It’s essential to feel confident in your ability to drive your campervan before you set off. 

  • The campervan set-up. Please ask our team any questions you have about how the campervan works. From filling up to cooking food, no question is too silly.  

  • Extra activities! Whether you are interested in cycling, paddle boarding, swimming or kayaking, it’s handy to bring your own equipment with you. Take some time to think about what you want from your campervan trip and bring the necessary equipment along. 

  • Places to stay. Struans Leisure will give you a list of recommended campsites to stay in but it’s always worth doing your research. This will save both time and stress when out on the road. 

  • Food and drink. Of course, restaurants and cafes will be available to you as you travel around Scotland, but the joy of a campervan is the self-sufficient lifestyle it provides. We recommend stocking up on food so you can cook your own meals in your fitted kitchen or attached BBQ grill.  

  • Waste disposal. The less glamorous side of campervan life; where to put your waste? Struans’ campervans and motorhomes for hire come with attached toilets and bathrooms, but even still you will have to dispose of your waste in the correct locations every few days. Registered motorhome campsites are usually your best bet for this.  

campervan hire in Scotland on the isle of Skye

What are the benefits of campervan hire in Scotland? 

By opting for campervan hire in Scotland, you are setting yourself up for an incredible, unforgettable experience.  

With our premium campervans for hire, clients can combine relaxing home comforts (including pets!) with a feeling of adventure and wonder as they travel across the historical lands of Scotland.  

The benefits of hiring a campervan or motorhome in Scotland with Struans Leisure are: 

  • The freedom of travelling wherever you please, whenever you please 
  • Self-sufficient living: Cook, sleep, relax and play in the comfort of your campervan 
  • Surround yourself with stunning nature and spectacular landscapes  
  • Experience the many historical and cultural wonders Scotland has to offer 
  • See A LOT in a short time 
  • Suitable for individuals, couples and families of four 
  • Struans offers pet-friendly campervans and motorhomes, meaning you can travel with your dog or furry companion as you take in the beauty of Scotland 
  • An abundance of adventure sports on your doorstep (quite literally) 
  • Home comforts whilst experiencing the thrill of life on the road 
  • Easy navigation with installed sat-nav  

campervan hire in Scottish woodlands

Things to consider when renting a campervan in Scotland 

When renting a campervan in Scotland there are a few important considerations we recommend for all our customers.  

Campervan size 

The size of your campervan or motorhome will impact many things throughout your trip.  

Of course, larger-sized campervans provide more spacious living quarters, meaning more room for cooking and sleeping. However, larger campervans and motorhomes are also harder to manoeuvre on smaller roads and you can even find yourself unable to access particularly remote areas.  

Smaller campervans on the other hand may be less roomy, but this doesn’t mean a drop in comfort. If you are an individual or a couple, you may find yourself with more room in a smaller campervan compared to a family of four in a larger one.  

Smaller campervans also offer more speed and better accessibility. By opting for a sprinter van, you could quite easily fit into small parking places and remote spots whilst still receiving the comforts that a larger campervan offers.  

At the end of the day, the choice will depend on the number of people you are travelling with and your individual requirements.  


Your route 

One of the most important considerations when hiring a campervan in Scotland is, of course, where you will go.  

Taking the time to carefully plan your route around Scotland will save you time and stress, and ultimately improve your overall experience.  

There are so many spectacular routes to choose from when travelling Scotland by camper. We recommend thinking about what you want to see and do most on your trip, then plan your route accordingly.  

A few popular routes that we can recommend are: 

  • The North Coast 500 
  • The Heart 200 
  • Scotland’s West Coast 500 
  • South West Coast 300 
  • Island hopping  

best campervan route Scotland

Length of travel 

The length of your trip will be tied closely with the route you choose. Some routes, such as the heart 300, can be done in a short time frame of 3-5 days. Scotland’s most famous route, the NC500 takes around 5-7 days.  

For other routes going along Scotland’s West Coast and into the islands, we recommend taking at least a week. This way you can add extra stops as you please without rushing on to the next location.  

Your decided length of time should be the right mixture of not too long that you get fed up with campervan life (if that’s possible), but not so short that you are constantly on the road and never stopping to enjoy the views along the way.  

Struans recommends a holiday of at least 5-7 days when travelling across Scotland by campervan or motorhome. 

motorhome hire driving through stunning road surrounded by woods

Campervan hire Perth 

Struans Leisure offers quality campervans and motorhomes from our depot in Perth.  

Perth makes for the perfect starting point for your Scotland road trip due to its convenient location which is relatively close to both the east coast of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands.  

Choose to travel to Perth via public transport or car. You can leave your vehicle with us during your trip, knowing that it is safe and secure. Struans also offers a pick-up service for customers arriving from overseas or by public transport. Simply let us know your situation in advance and we will arrange a shuttle service to collect you and bring you directly to our office.  

After a thorough walkthrough and having all your questions answered by our experienced campervan hire team, you will be ready to start your road trip adventure. Set off on your designated route from Perth and enjoy the remarkable landscapes that Scotland has to offer, all from the comfort of your new four-wheeled home.   

campervan hire Scotland Perth

Hire a campervan with Struans Leisure 

If you are interested in hiring a campervan in Scotland, consider Struans Leisure.  

We offer premium Sun Living and Elddis campervans and motorhomes at affordable rates. Choose from two, four and six berths, depending on your needs and group size.  

Contact our campervan hire team today to book your next Scottish adventure. We know you won’t regret it!  

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