23 April 2020 / Struans

North Coast 500

North Coast 500

Since it was launched in 2015 the North Coast 500 has been great at making it easy for people discover some of Scotland's hidden gems.

Starting and ending in Inverness it takes a loop of approximately 500 miles round the top of Scotland and every single customer we have who has done the NC500 raves about how stunning some of the scenery is and how you come back with some memories you'll keep for life.

It can seem almost like a different journey when you go the different directions as you get different views each way but our top tip is to go anti clockwise. This for 2 main reasons

  1. - The route is generally promoted as going clockwise starting in the west so that's the way most people go. That means if you start on the east coast the roads going that way are quieter.
  2. Although the east coast is beautiful, it is widely acknowledged that the best scenery is on the west coast, often people say the Durness area or Loch Inver. So if you start on the east coast then the scenery just gets better as go along.

Although it can be done in less, 7 days is the normal time to take doing the NC500 but some people prefer to a bit longer so that they can spend more time enjoying the places they like best.

If you don't want to do the full route then you could always head south a Tongue and drive right through the centre of the country.

There is a dedicated website for the North Coast 500 given more information and a range of itineraries with places to visit - www.northcoast500.com with specific Coronavirus information and campsites on the routes found here.

Also on Youtube you can find numerous videos from people who have travelled the route.

Like in all trips in our motorhomes it is vital that you are a responsible traveller and respect other road users and the locals in the area.

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