01 June 2020 / Struans

Operating and emptying the toilet

Operating and emptying the toilet while travelling 

All our motorhomes have built in toilets and every time before use you must slide the grey lever under the toilet, you will see that this opens a flap in the toilet. After use there is a blue button to flush after which you slide the grey lever back to seal the toilet from the storage cassette below and avoid odours.

The waste storage cassette must be emptied regularly by following steps:

  • Access the cassette compartment outside the motorhome
  • Lift the handle on the cassette a little which will allow it to be pulled out (it will not come out if the toilet is in use with the flap inside the toilet open)
  • The handle extends it similar to a suitcase and the cassette has wheels on it so it can be easily taken to a designated place in the campsite normally called a Chemical Deposal Point.
  • To empty the cassette angle the neck by 90 degrees so it is pointing away from the cassette and unscrew the cap.
  • Lift the cassette up and empty the contents out, pressing the button on the other end of the cassette at the same time.
  • Once the cassette is empty you must put some neutralising toilet fluid, which is supplied with the motorhome, in through the open neck along with a little water then screw the cap back on.
  • When putting the cassette back in the motorhome it should click into place.

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