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Romantic getaways redefined: Motorhome hire in Scotland for couples

Juggling your schedule for some quality time with your significant other can be quite a task, especially when the 9-5 routine keeps you on different tracks. Yet, the magic of a motorhome hire holiday lies in the luxury of time.  

Be it sharing conversations while you cruise down the road or savouring a glass of wine under the canopy of stars, a motorhome holiday is your ticket to treasured moments spent together!  

In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the most enchanting motorhome destinations in Scotland, share hints and tips for setting up the cosiest love nest on wheels, and encourage you to embark on your own romantic adventure.  

By the time you've explored the hidden gems of Scotland, compared the affordability of motorhome hire with traditional romantic getaways, and felt the freedom and spontaneity it offers, you'll be itching to book your next motorhome hire adventure with Struans Leisure. 

Need some inspiration to make your motorhome trip extra romantic? Then read on, this article is for you! 


Top 5 scenic motorhome routes in Scotland

Our list of the top five routes to travel by motorhome in Scotland includes:

1. Jedburgh and Lauder – Scottish Borders

Whether you're making a pit stop through the captivating Scottish Borders en route to your ultimate destination or simply intrigued by this enchanting region, you have the option to set up camp at sites in Jedburgh and Lauder.  

These locations offer the perfect gateway to exploring the region's expansive landscapes at your own pace. Immerse yourself in the freedom to wander, with a plethora of walking trails at your fingertips, including the Southern Upland Way, the Borders Abbey Way, and St Cuthbert's Way, all conveniently accessible from these bases. 


2. Isle of Sky 

When it comes to embarking on an adventure to the beautiful Isle of Skye, the horizons of possibilities stretch infinitely.  

The entirety of Skye is a breathtaking canvas, beckoning you to explore in any direction you choose. Imagine parking by the serene shores of Loch Greshornish, where the glistening waters mirror the majestic hills in the distance, and where Highland cattle and sheep leisurely graze nearby. It's a moment of pure tranquillity amidst this natural masterpiece. 


  best motorhome travel spots Skye

3. Assynt to Sutherland – Highlands 

The journey from Assynt to the heart of Sutherland in the North West of Scotland is a breathtaking spectacle that goes beyond the word 'dramatic.' Begin your adventure on the road to Inchnadamph, heading north.  

Along the way, you'll encounter numerous trout-filled lochs, perfect for casting your line amidst the company of majestic golden eagles and the haunting calls of great northern divers. As you continue your northern expedition, soak in the awe-inspiring peaks of Quinag before reaching the charming crofting village of Scourie.

In Scourie, you'll find a haven at the village's caravan and camping park, perched by the bay, offering vistas of unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. When you're ready to move forward, head east at Laxford Bridge, tracing the meandering River Laxford until you arrive at Loch Stack.  

Here, your days can be filled with adventures, from conquering rugged mountains to following the footsteps of old stalkers to reach secluded lochs. Alternatively, you can simply unwind and relish the serenity of this remarkable place. 


4. Loch Ness – Highlands 

Campervan sites in and around Loch Ness serve as perfect launching pads for your adventures in this iconic region. Consider the eco-friendly haven of Loch Ness Shores, peacefully nestled on the south shore.  

For a different perspective, Loch Ness Bay Camping at Borlum Farm in Drumnadrochit stands directly opposite the Great Glen Way, offering an alternative gateway. Or, if you prefer a scenic escape, there's Loch Ness Highland Resort in picturesque Fort Augustus.  

Here, you're surrounded by towering pine trees, with countless Munros to conquer, and exceptional cycling and kayaking opportunities right at your doorstep. It's hard to imagine a more idyllic setting to immerse yourself in Scotland's great outdoors during your campervan adventure. 


5. Glasgow to Machrihanish – Glasgow and Argyll 

The Kintyre Peninsula in Scotland is a hidden gem for travellers seeking seclusion and natural beauty. To reach this stunning destination, start from central Glasgow and follow the A82, winding past Loch Lomond. Then, embark on a breathtaking three-hour journey along the A83, known as "the long and winding road," considered one of the UK's most scenic drives. 

Along the way, you'll be treated to captivating sights at the Rest and Be Thankful Pass, the serene shores of Loch Fyne, and the majestic Inveraray Castle.  

Your route continues along the picturesque Kintyre coast until you reach Campbeltown. A short cross-country drive from Campbeltown takes you to Machrihanish, where you can park your campervan at the well-equipped Machrihanish Holiday Park.  

This park offers a range of amenities, including free WiFi and a view of the acclaimed Machrihanish Dunes golf course. If you're a golfer, don't forget to bring your clubs for an unforgettable experience. 


3 unmissable romantic motorhome spots in Scotland 

Our top three romantic motorhome spots in Scotland include:

1. Ayr 

Few experiences rival the romance of visiting the birthplace of the renowned poet, Robert Burns. The pioneer of the Romantic movement drew much of his inspiration from this breathtaking region, and bringing your partner here is an opportunity to understand precisely why. 

Imagine picking up a collection of his most cherished love poems and setting a course for Ayr in your snug campervan. The charm of the region may captivate you so deeply that you'll be tempted to embark on the South West Coastal 300 for a few days, creating a poetic journey of your own. 

Ayr Craigie Gardens Caravan Club Site offers the perfect camping experience on the picturesque Craigie Estate, granting you access to the serene River Ayr. This peaceful and wholesome campsite is conveniently located near all of Ayr's major attractions, ensuring that you won't need to venture far to explore the city's highlights. 


2. Glencoe 

In the heart of Glencoe, you might find the surroundings oddly familiar, reminiscent of a certain James Bond film. 

However, while Daniel Craig won't be making an appearance this time, the region's breathtaking beauty sets the stage for an ideal honeymoon destination. Glencoe is celebrated as a paradise for walkers, offering a boundless expanse of natural wonders to explore.  

You could easily fill your entire holiday with invigorating hikes and still not discover all the treasures this region has to offer. Imagine capturing the newlyweds in front of cascading waterfalls, atop majestic mountains, or beside tranquil lochs – a perfect backdrop for unforgettable photographs. 

Glencoe Mountain Resort - This campervan overnight parking spot operates on an honesty system. Here, you can access amenities like water, restroom facilities, and more. 


3. Isle of Lewis 

Situated to the north of Harris, the Isle of Lewis takes its place as the largest island within the Western Isles and Outer Hebrides archipelago in Scotland.  

Lewis unveils a stunning landscape, characterized by dramatic coastlines and expansive stretches of unspoiled beaches. Thanks to its northern location, you'll enjoy a more serene atmosphere with fewer tourists compared to other destinations.  

Nevertheless, the island offers a plethora of activities for your honeymoon. Mornings can be spent exploring the island's numerous archaeological and geographical wonders, while your afternoons can be devoted to unwinding together on the beach or indulging in some clear-water diving. 

Eilean Fraoich Campsite - This family-operated campsite is conveniently situated in the heart of the village, placing you within walking distance of essential amenities. Plus, it's renowned for its excellent WiFi connectivity, making it the perfect choice for sharing your vacation photos! 


The perks of motorhome holidays for couples  

Motorhome holidays redefine spontaneity and freedom. Having your home on wheels allows you to change plans at a moment's notice. No fixed bookings, and no rigid schedules.  

With motorhome hire, your adventure is dictated by your whims, and we'll show you how to make the most of it.   

  • Spontaneity and freedom: With a new or used motorhome, you have the flexibility to change plans on a whim. No need to stick to a strict itinerary; if you stumble upon a charming village or a hidden beach, you can stay as long as you like. 

  • Exploring together: Motorhome holidays offer couples the chance to create lasting memories while exploring new destinations hand in hand. From cozy campfire nights to sharing stories under the stars, it's a bonding experience like no other. 

  • Affordability: Comparing the cost of a motorhome hire to a traditional romantic getaway, you'll find that motorhome holidays can be more budget-friendly. With accommodation, transportation, and often kitchen facilities included, you can save on various expenses. 

  • Unique romantic experiences: Imagine waking up to breathtaking vistas, enjoying breakfast in bed with a view, and sharing an intimate dinner under a starlit sky. These unique experiences are part of the charm of motorhome holidays. 


Choosing the right motorhome and campervan 

For couples embarking on a romantic adventure, selecting the perfect motorhome is crucial. It's your home on wheels, your base for exploration, and the setting for countless memories.  

Among the choices, the 2 Berth Campervan from Struans emerges as an excellent match. Let's find out what makes it the ideal companion for your couple's journey. 

  • Cosy and Intimate Setup 

The 2 Berth Campervan is designed with couples in mind. Its compact yet cleverly organized interior creates an intimate atmosphere. You'll find a snug sleeping area, often a comfortable double bed, perfect for a cozy night's rest. With your loved one by your side, you can stargaze through the campervan's windows or simply enjoy the privacy and comfort it offers. 

  • Affordability and Spontaneity 

One of the standout features of a motorhome holiday is its affordability. Compared to traditional vacations that involve booking flights, hotels, and dining out, motorhome hire offers a budget-friendly alternative. It combines your accommodation and transportation expenses into one, leaving you with more resources to spend on experiences.


Making the most out of your motorhome hire   

When it comes to embarking on a romantic motorhome adventure, the quality of the vehicle and the services offered are the most important.  

Struans Leisure prides itself on providing top-notch motorhomes and customer-oriented services, ensuring your journey is smooth and enjoyable. Let's look closer at how this commitment to quality enhances your romantic escape. 

  • Quality motorhomes

Struans Leisure offers a fleet of well-maintained, high-quality motorhomes. They are not only comfortable but also equipped with modern amenities to make your journey convenient and enjoyable. 

Whether it's a cosy sleeping area, a functional kitchen, or a well-designed interior, these motorhomes are your home on the road. You can rest assured that you and your partner will be travelling in comfort and style. 

  • Customer-oriented services 

What sets Struans Leisure apart is its dedication to customer satisfaction. From the moment you inquire about a motorhome rental, you'll experience the care and attention to detail that ensures a stress-free journey. The team is there to address your questions, offer advice, and provide support during your trip. It's this level of service that truly elevates your motorhome experience. 

  • The possibility of ownership 

For couples who fall in love with the motorhome experience, Struans Leisure also offers the option of purchasing a new motorhome that you can call your own.  

This means that if your romantic adventure ignites a passion for the open road, you have the opportunity to make the motorhome a more permanent part of your life. It's a chance to turn your vacations into a lifestyle, ensuring countless more journeys together. Read more about whether motorhome ownership is right for you. 

motrohome travel in Scotland

Hire a motorhome for your Scotland road trip!   

As we draw the curtain on this journey, it's important to reiterate that Scotland's beauty knows no bounds, and a motorhome getaway for couples is your key to unlocking its magic.  

From scenic routes to romantic spots, from the freedom of spontaneity to the ease of budget-friendly travel, a motorhome journey is a unique experience.  

With the 2 Berth Campervan from Struans Leisure as your trusty companion, your romantic adventure in Scotland is poised to begin. So, start your engines and let the love story on the road unfold, one unforgettable destination at a time. Discover the allure of a romantic motorhome journey tailored just for the two of you.  

View our motorhome rental rates or contact us directly to book your test drive today and secure your quality motorhome rental with Struans Leisure.   

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