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Best Value Campervans for Young Explorers

Imagine a journey where the open road is your guide, and the alluring landscape of Scotland unfolds before you. For young explorers, the thirst for adventure is insatiable. But here's the secret: Your gateway to boundless exploration doesn't have to break the bank. 

In this blog, we're thrilled to explore the concept of travelling to Scotland through the lens of affordable and functional campervans. 

Our range of campervans for sale in Scotland promises simplicity, independence, and the kind of travel that fuels your sense of adventure.

With our impressive 40 years of experience in the dealing and selling of motorhome vehicles, our commitment is to provide you with campervans and unforgettable experiences in every mile you travel. 

Join us as we navigate through the options, highlighting the diverse range of campervans that perfectly suit the needs and aspirations of the adventurous.

Let's unlock the doors to affordable escapades. Scotland is calling, and your campervan adventure awaits!

campervan hire Scotland

The appeal of campervan travel for young explorers

In the dynamic landscape of travel, a trend is growing popular among young adults and adventurers – campervan travel. Wanderers are now choosing the simplicity, affordability, and freedom that campervans offer, making it the ideal mode of exploration across Scotland.

Affordability and liberation

Young explorers are discovering that owning or renting a campervan provides not just transportation but a home on wheels, offering the freedom to roam without the constraints of traditional accommodations.

Freedom to roam, freedom to choose

Campervans offer a level of freedom that traditional travel can't match. Imagine waking up to the sound of nature, with the power to decide where to go next on a whim. 

Whether it's a place with tranquil shores or rugged beauty, the flexibility of campervan travel ensures that the journey is as enticing as the destination.

Connecting with nature

The allure of campervan travel goes beyond the affordability and convenience of transport. It's a gateway to connect with nature on a profound level. Scotland's diverse landscapes, from rolling hills to pristine lochs, become your backyard.

Campervans enable young explorers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Scottish wilderness, fostering a sense of appreciation for the environment.

Simplicity and flexibility

The simplicity of campervan travel is its crowning glory. No need for elaborate itineraries or constant accommodation changes – your journey is dictated by your desire and the allure of the open road.

Struans motorhomes and campervans for hire

Struans Leisure’s range of great-value campervans

At Struans, we pride ourselves on offering a range of high-quality and fully functional campervans that will fit your budget.  

Our family-run team of motorhome experts will always give honest recommendations to ensure you choose the right campervan for you.  

BRAND NEW: Adria Active Duo (£59,710)

Adria Active Duo

The Adria Active Duo is a versatile and compact motorhome. This model is perfect for young travellers and adventurers looking for a comfortable and efficient travel experience. 

It has a well-designed, cosy living space equipped with essential amenities. Its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre while still providing a sense of spaciousness inside. 

Click here to browse our new campervans for sale.

USED CAMPERVAN: Bailley Pegasus Verona (£16,995) 

Bailley Pegasus Verona

Aside from brand-new models, we also sell high-quality used campervans. Our team carefully picks the best used motorhomes for sale in the UK to ensure that they are fully up to standard and meet high expectations.    

Take a look at this budget-friendly model that’s perfect for young wanderers. It includes a space where you can relax and perform essential chores while travelling. 

Interested in other models? We have other used campervans for sale here

RENTAL: 2 Berth Campervan (Starts at £360 for 3 days)

2 Berth Campervan

Not yet ready to purchase a campervan? We offer affordable rental campervans that you can take along your journey throughout Scotland. 

Our 2 Berth Campervan lets you explore more off the beaten track if you want. Plus, with a large glass area from the sunroof and panoramic windows, drivers can fully enjoy the scenery around you.

If you've been searching for the perfect campervan for rent, then this modern Adria campervan could be for you – with its agility, ease of drive, and internal space that you will need for a fantastic campervan journey around Scotland.

View our campervan rental rates here. (Note: minimum age for renting is 25) 

Planning your adventure: Tips and destinations

Before you hit the road, a bit of thoughtful planning can elevate your Scottish adventure from memorable to extraordinary. 

Here are some golden rules of campervan travel and a curated list of the best destinations in Scotland to make sure your journey is as enchanting as the landscapes you'll encounter.

5 golden rules of campervan travel

  1. Flexibility is key in campervan travel. While having a plan is crucial, the ability to adapt enhances the adventure. Plan your route but allow room for spontaneous detours. After all, the unexpected often leads to the most memorable experiences.
  2. Respect for nature and fellow travellers is paramount. Leave no trace, adhere to designated parking areas, and be mindful of noise levels. By embracing a considerate attitude, you contribute to the preservation of Scotland's breathtaking scenery.
  3. Preserving the pristine landscapes of Scotland is a shared responsibility. Always dispose of your litter responsibly, leaving the beauty of nature untouched for more generations to see and enjoy.
  4. Scotland's landscapes can be delicate, and fire safety is of utmost importance. Follow fire safety guidelines, use designated fire pits where provided, and ensure your campfire is completely extinguished before leaving.
  5. While rules are essential, the ultimate goal is enjoyment. Revel in the freedom of the open road, immerse yourself in nature, and let the beauty of Scotland captivate your spirit.

Best campervan destinations in Scotland

Scotland is filled with beautiful destinations that are ideal for travelling to in a campervan. Some notable scenic spots that are well worth a visit include: 

  • Loch Ness: Embark on the mythic journey to Loch Ness, home of the legendary Nessie. The tranquillity of the loch and the surrounding hills provide a serene backdrop for your campervan adventure.
  • Isle of SkyeThe rugged landscapes of the Isle of Skye are a haven for nature lovers. From the dramatic cliffs of Kilt Rock to the mystical Fairy Pools, every mile on Skye is a visual feast.
  • Scone PalaceFor a touch of history amid nature, Scone Palace offers a splendid blend. Set amidst lush grounds, this historic palace invites you to park your campervan and explore its regal charm.

campervan travel in Scotland

Making campervan travel work for you

A campervan adventure should be a personalised experience tailored to your individual needs. To ensure your trip aligns seamlessly with your needs, consider these key aspects.

Choosing the right campervan

Selecting the perfect campervan is key to your unforgettable getaway. Consider the size, layout, and amenities that reflect your travel style. It's also important to take into consideration if you're a solo explorer, a dynamic duo, or a group of friends when choosing a vehicle.

Budgeting and cost-effectiveness

Budgeting for your trip becomes straightforward - covering accommodation and transportation in one. 

Our wide range of value campervans ensures you find an option that aligns with your budget without compromising on comfort. We also offer financing services through Northridge on our new and used campervans. 

The cost-effectiveness of campervan travel extends beyond monetary savings; it grants you the luxury of spontaneity and exploration without the constraints of traditional travel expenses.

Sustainable travel practices

With the ability to leave no trace and adhere to eco-friendly camping guidelines, you contribute to the preservation of Scotland's natural beauty. Strive for minimal impact, use designated camping sites, and embrace a leave-no-trace ethos to ensure the landscapes you adore remain pristine.

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Ready to start your affordable campervan adventure?

If the appeal of budget-friendly campervan travel through Scotland has ignited your wanderlust, Struans is here to make it a reality. 

Reach out to us through our contact form to guarantte your booking for the upcoming season. Our friendly team is here to assist with any inquiries, ensuring your journey with us is as seamless as the landscapes you'll explore.

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