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Off-Site Camping

Off-Site Camping in Scotland 

With our motorhomes although we recommend staying at a campsite with all the facilities to empty toilet waste etc, but you don't always need to.

As long as you make sure you follow some simple guidelines and are respectful to locals and the environment then with a motorhome or campervan rental you have the freedom to wild camp in some of the most stunning locations on Earth!  

It’s a bold claim, but we truly believe Scotland pips many countries to being the best motorhome destination around.  

However, this doesn’t mean you can just park up anywhere you please and call it a night! 

There are certain rules that need to be followed when wild camping in a motorhome in Scotland and it’s important to follow these closely so wild camping can go on being enjoyed by motorhome drivers for many years to come.  

If you're heading north then Highland Council have issued helpful advice for people visiting their area in motorhomes or campervans which can be found by clicking here .


The do's and dont's of not staying at a campsite 

In many places in Scotland, you are able to camp in a motorhome as long as there is not a sign saying that camping or overnight parking is not allowed. Or if you are on private land you must have the explicite permission of the land owner.

  • Never obstruct the road when parked in your motorhome, or damage the verge when parking. This goes for overnight parking and short-term parking. Remember that motorhomes are large vehicles and sometimes a side-of-the-road parking spot that works for a car simply isn’t appropriate for a motorhome.  
  • By law if you stop or stay overnight in a formal layby then these are for rest and any activities should be kept inside e.g. don't have tables and chairs outside.you should stay in the motorhome and do any activities not eat, have children play etc outside 
  • Be considerate to locals and respect their privacy - never park close to houses
  • It is vital you are a responsible camper and considerate the environment. leave no trace of your visit - use appropriate bins if available for any rubbish/waste, or take it away with you to be disposed of at a later date.


the beauty of wild camping with a motorhome in Scotland

Camping off-site in Scotland 

Scotland offers many beautiful destinations for motorhome goers and wild campers, but preparation is key to enjoying all the beauty that this wee country has to offer. 

We recommend planning out your motorhome trip ahead of time so as not to end up in any sticky situations.  

Of course, a motorhome offers a lot of freedom to explore Scotland in comfort, but a rough plan of nearby campsites, motorhome parks and wild camping spots will ensure your motorhome trip is as seamless and stress free as possible.  

Camping in the beautiful area of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park is high on many people’s lists. However, in order to preserve the nature and landscape one must obtain a special camping permit to camp here.  

Scotland’s glorious forests also offer secluded natural camping spots, but getting to them in a motorhome isn’t simple. Find out about the most convenient forest car parks you can utilise on your motorhome journey.   

We can also recommend a few helpful apps that can be used to find nice, legal camping spots; 

  • Wild Camping POI (costs £24.95) 
  • Park4Night (free) 

If you are planning a wild camping holiday we recommend spending a night at a proper campsite after up to two days of wild camping. This is so that you can use their facilities to empty the onboard toilet, fill up with fresh water and ensure that the leisure battery is fully charged. 

It also gives a great chance to meet other campers and motorhome enthusiasts, with a lot of campsites having relaxed social events in the evening and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Mixing in campsites with wild camping spots will help elevate the overall experience of your motorhome holiday in Scotland. 

Struans has formed solid partnerships with campsites across Scotland, which allows our motorhome customers to receive discounted campsite rates at select locations. Find out more in our blog section.  

wild camping in a motorhome in Scotland

Camping off-site in a Struans Motorhomes 

If you find a safe and suitable camping spot and would like to spend the night, our quality motorhomes for hire are designed so that you can wild camp easily and conveniently.  

There is a leisure battery separate from the engine battery which runs a 12-volt system to power the lights, water pump and the fans for the heater. This battery recharges as you drive so it should always be ready when you park up after a long day on the road. 

The refrigerator, heating and hot water can all be powered by gas when wild camping, giving Struans’ motorhome drivers everything they need whilst wild camping in Scotland 

Please note, however, that when wild camping the microwave (if fitted) will not work and neither will the 240V plug sockets. Some of our vehicles have TV's that can run on 12-Volts, but be warned that they can drain the battery fast. If you are using heating while wild camping it will only work when the battery is well charged, so it is important to drive every day to top up the battery. 

As long as you are prepared with food and gas, there is very little to stop you from wild camping when travelling in Scotland in one of our motorhomes. Just remember to respect your surroundings and the law at all times, and follow the best practices outlined in this guide. 

If you would like any more information then please contact us to get your motorhome holiday in Scotland off to a flying start,  

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