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Adria Motorhomes & Caravans: Everything You Need to Know

Adria Motorhomes & Caravans

Adria motorhomes are one of the most popular model of motorhomes in the UK and not without good reason.

Adria motorhomes give excellent value for money, with advanced features that help make life on the road as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Vehicles from Adria are known for being reliable, durable, long-lasting and well designed, All of these factors have contributed to the Adria brand's continued success in both the UK and across Europe. 

To help our customers learn more about Adria caravans and motorhomes, Struans Leisure has put together this helpful article which explains everything you need to know about the Adria brand, their motorhomes and their caravans.

Where are Adria motorhomes made? 

The Adria brand originates from Slovenia and still has its main factory there, located in the city of Novo Mesto. All Adria vehicles are produced within Slovenia and have been since the company was founded in 1965. 

Despite being based on the Eastern side of Europe, Adria supplies the vast majority of its motorhomes and caravans to Western European countries, with a substantial number of its vehicles being sold within the United Kingdom. 

Of course, the magic of a motorhome is that no matter where it is sold, the owner can travel freely across cities and borders, never being tied down to one place. 

Adria builds tbuildsmotorhomes with this philosophy close at heart, which may be part of the reason they have been so successful in the competitive motorhome industry for such a number of years.

Adria motorhomes Scotland

Who owns Adria motorhomes? 

Adria built their first motorhome in 1965 in conjunction with the established Slovenian car manufacturer, "Industrija Motornih Vozil". This partnership continued until 1990 when the Adria brand become autonomous. 

Adria's independent success continued for over 25 years until they were eventually acquired by the French company, Trigano. Trigano became the new majority owner of Adria, boosting its position as one of the biggest recreational vehicle companies in Europe. 

Despite the takeover, Adria continues to operate under its own brand name, producing high-quality caravans and motorhomes in its home country of Slovenia.

Is Adria a good make of motorhome? 

When buying a new motorhome, or any type of vehicle, the brand is always an important consideration. 

Adria motorhomes are well known for their high quality performance, forward-thinking design, convenient layout and robust construction. Many cite Adria motorhomes as being one of the best value for money options on the market today, which explains their popularity in the UK and across Europe. 

The signature features of an Adria motorhome are:

  • Premium quality design and layouts 
  • Advanced insulation materials for great climate control 
  • High-quality base vehicle 
  • High specification 
  • Robust body construction 
  • A cosy, home-style feeling 
  • Quality manufacturing 
  • High-profile chassis 

Each range of Adria motorhome will have its own unique features and benefits, but in general, you can expect a top-quality build, a robust framework and a motorhome that will last for many years without any drop in performance. 

Adria motorhomes

Buying a used or new Adria motorhome? 

A common dilemma when looking to buy a motorhome is deciding between buying a new or used motorhome. Both have their own pros and cons, and of course your own personal budget will have a major influence on the final decision. 

The advantages of buying new Adria motorhomes are: 

  • Drive and live in a quality vehicle that has never been used before
  • Peace of mind that everything will work properly
  • Benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty
  • More modern design and layout
  • Heightened feeling of luxury 

Compared with a new motorhome, a used Adria motorhome gives prospective buyers a lower price point which can often equate to tens of thousands of pounds. 

The benefits of buying used Adria motorhomes are: 

  • Could save huge amounts of money
  • Cost significantly less than new Adria motorhomes, even if only a few months old
  • Lower insurance rates
  • More money left over for updates, travel and additional extras 

Of course, buying a used motorhome can come with concerns over driving performance and engine functionality. 

However, as long as you purchase your second-hand motorhome from an established, trustworthy motorhome dealer you will likely find the vehicle to be very well maintained, properly serviced and working as new. 

Struans offers excellent service on all our used motorhomes, ensuring that we only provide the very best quality motorhomes to our customers in Scotland and across the UK.

How much does an Adria motorhome cost in the UK? 

The cost of your Adria motorhome will of course depend on whether you buy new or second-hand. Other elements that will affect the cost are:

  • The model you choose (Adria Matrix, Adria Twin, Adria Compact, Adria Active Duo)
  • The age of the motorhome 
  • The size and number of berths 
  • The condition (if second-hand) 

We always recommend doing proper research before buying any type of motorhome and it is a smart idea to compare prices across the market to ensure you get the best deal possible when buying an Adria motorhome. 

To help our customers, Struans offers convenient finance options for those interested in paying for their motorhome over the course of several months.

new motorhome from Adria

Are Adria motorhomes winterised?

One of the essential considerations for motorhome and caravan owners, especially in colder climates like the UK, is whether their vehicle is winterised. Winterisation refers to the process of preparing a motorhome to withstand the colder and harsher conditions of winter. It typically includes features and modifications to insulate the vehicle, protect its systems from freezing, and ensure the comfort and safety of occupants. 

So, are Adria motorhomes winterised? Let's find out. 

Adria Motorhomes and winterisation: 

Adria motorhomes are designed and built with quality materials and construction techniques that provide a level of insulation. While Adria motorhomes may not be explicitly marketed as "winterised," many models offer features that make them suitable for winter travel, such as: 

  1. Insulation: Adria motorhomes feature insulated walls, floors, and roofs to help maintain a comfortable interior temperature during colder weather. 
  2. Heating systems: Many Adria motorhomes, like Adria Matrix Supreme, are equipped with efficient heating systems, such as Truma or Alde systems, that provide warmth even in freezing temperatures. 
  3. Double-glazed windows: Double-glazed windows help minimise heat loss and condensation to keep the interior of the motorhome cozy and dry. 

Tips for winter motorhome or caravan travel: 

If you plan to use your Adria motorhome or caravan for winter travel, here are some additional tips for your journey: 

  • Check weather conditions: Stay informed about weather forecasts and road conditions along your route. Avoid traveling in severe weather conditions or on icy roads. 
  • Pack essentials: Prepare warm clothing, extra blankets, and emergency supplies in case of unexpected delays or emergencies. 
  • Stay safe: Be prepared for shorter daylight hours and reduced visibility. Use caution when driving in winter conditions and consider installing snow chains or winter tires for added traction. 

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What is the most reliable brand of motorhomes?

When it comes to investing in a motorhome, reliability is the number one factor to consider.

You want a vehicle that you can depend on for countless adventures, whether it's exploring scenic landscapes or going on cross-country road trips. In the world of motorhomes, Adria stands out as a shining example of reliability and excellence. 

In the 2024 Motorhome Owner Satisfaction Awards, Adria won the Best Motorhome Manufacturer award with an impressive 82.7% votes. This award highlights the dedication of the brand in providing exceptional new and pre-owned motorhomes to customers. 

While Adria takes the spotlight as the Best Motorhome Manufacturer, it's worth noting that several other reputable brands such as Auto-Sleepers, Bailey, Swift, and Chausson also participated in the awards and are alsogreat choices when it comes to purchasing a motorhome or caravan.

Adria caravans: What to expect? 

As you may already know, motorhomes are not the only type of vehicle made by Adria. Adria is also thought of as a caravan expert, and has been producing high-quality caravans for over 50 years. 

As caravans tend to be larger and even sturdier than motorhomes, you can expect your Adria caravan to be extremely durable and robust. 

Adria aim to make their caravans as spacious, comfortable and efficient as possible. You will find the same high levels of construction in Adria caravans as you do in Adria motorhomes, with the former being even better at retaining heat and offering comfort. 

Adria caravans also boast high levels of security, making them completely safe to leave in a camping site or registered caravan park. As with any vehicle, however, leaving your caravan in an unregistered location could lead to damage and possibly theft (although it would be a tricky thing to steal!).

Adria caravans for sale

Should I buy an Adria motorhome or an Adria caravan? 

Choosing between a motorhome and a caravan depends entirely on your needs and wants. 

A motorhome offers more convenience for travelling as it is a one-stop-shop that allows owners to drive to anywhere they want and simply hop into the back of their van for sleeping, cooking and living, 

A caravan gives more space and superior comfort, but they are harder to transport and you will need to tow it by car if you wish to travel around the country in your caravan. This can be daunting for drivers and can pose a number of potential problems, 

It's also harder to find convenient spots for sleeping in your caravan. Unless you head directly to a registered caravan park, you are not left with many options for sleeping and living in your caravan. 

Unlike a motorhome that can be parked up quite easily on non-private land, travelling and living in a caravan requires more preparation and forward planning. 

Caravans also tend to cost less than motorhomes, although the price point will depend on age, model and condition. 

Overall, both are excellent options that give a level of freedom that is hard to find with other vehicles, but you should think carefully about what you want from your motorhome or caravan and make the decision based on this. 

Struans leisure quality motorhomes

Quality Adria motorhomes & caravans for sale 

As an established dealer of Adria motorhomes and caravans, Struans Leisure is proud to offer both types of vehicles in new and used conditions. 

Struans also provides a motorhome rental service for clients eager to travel Scotland by motorhome without the commitment of buying. 

To find out more about buying or renting a motorhome or caravan from Struans, please get in touch with our friendly motorhome team today

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