Motorhome Vs Campervan


Campervans are based on standard vans that you see driving around, which in Adria's case is the Fiat Ducato. As well as additional windows the interior is convered to give sleeping, cooking and washing facilities offering amazingly efficient use of space. Campervans are smaller than Motorhomes and their facilities can be a little more limited. When talking about campervans people often think of the classic Volkswagen campervan most popular in the 60's and 70's but the latest Adria campervans are like night and day when compared to them, and not a basic van with a bed. These vehicles are ideal if you want to just get up and go


Motorhomes are based on a van chassis, which for in the UK Adria use a Fiat one with a coachbuild body at the rear. For most models the driver's cab is similar to the Fiat van but with a more premium feel. There can be a numerous legths and interior layouts plus they also tend to be a little wider than campervans. With the extra length and height they tend to have better cooking, washing and storage facilities than campervans plus often have a dedicated lounge area.


You might hear this american term that is short for 'Recreational Vehicle'. It refers to any vehicle designed to be both driven and to be lived in so could be used to describe a motorhome or campervan. Winnebago is and american brand of RV that became so popular that its name can be used to describe an RV mush in the same way we can use Hoover to describe a vacuum cleaner.

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